Anchoring script for management event

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Anchoring script for management event

BOTH-----A very good afternoon to all of you.

Kavya -I m Kavya

Kapil- and I m Kapil Mahajan

Both- Your host and dost for this afternoon.

Kavya-  Before  entering  into  second  round,  we  would  like  to  congratulate  you  all  for  your
selections in the second round.

Kapil-This round is called as

and is sub-divided into three parts:-

Kavya-  First part  of this round comprises  a  quiz named
“who am  I?”
in  which  you will be  given
some clues to answer and some
to recognize.

Kapil-  In second  part, one of  your team members  will be  given a product to  perform an  act on
stage  to  make  the  other  members  guess  the  product.  And  name  of  this  round  is  “

Kavya-  In  the  third  part  of this  round, the  teams  are required  to  make story  boards  of certain
products  assigned  to them.  Before  the  third  part  starts,  you will be  given  a fair  idea  of what  a
story board is. Name of this round is

Kapil- So are you ready RE YO U READY?????????????

Kapil- Let’s find who am I??? I mean to say let’s start

Kavya- Now we would like to invite our
quiz master
Pravin Kumar to take this show forward.

Kapil-  I must  say Kavya  that the performance of all the teams  was wonderful, magnificent even

Kavya-Now  we  are  heading  towards  second  part  of  this  second  round  which  is “ST GE ON

Kapil-  We would  like to brief you  all  about the  rules and regulations of  the  second  part  of  this
second round.

Kavya-  In this part a team member will  come  here on the floor and he/she has to pick up a chit
from the  box and then has  to  act  so that  his/her  team  members  can guess the product  within
20 seconds.

Kapil-  The  person  who is going  to  act  will be  given  5 seconds to think and then he/  she has  to
act. The  number  of seconds  you will save that will be  assigned as your  group score.  For e.g.-  if
you guess the product in 10 seconds then your group will awarded as 10 marks.

Kavya- Less the number of seconds you will take, more the number of points you will get.

Kapil- You can’t ope n your mouth or move your lips

Kavya-  can’t draw alphabets/numbers in air or through your fingers which resembles any

Kapil-  If  you are  found to  violate  any of  these restrictions,  you will  be disqualified and  shall be
awarded no marks in this round.

Kavya-  Kindly  decide among yourself within 10 seconds that who  would come  on the stage  for
(Give 10 seconds for teams to select their representatives)

Kapil- So, let’s call the first team’s presenter from their team to please come on stage and pick a
chit from the box.
(After the person takes the chit)

Kavya-  You  have  5  seconds  to  think  and  then  after  the  bell,  you  can  start  acting  with  which,
your countdown for marks will start.
Time up!! Or Very nice.
Repeat the event wi th every  team.

Kapil- Now, the second team representator please come on stage to perform and score.

Kavya- Your scores will be announced after the final round Now it’s time for third and final part
of this round which is STORY BO RD Let’s see what is a story board and what you can do in it.
(Play the story board ppt)

Kapil- Now that you have seen what a story board is, every team has to make a storyboard on a
common product for all teams. The rules and regulations are as follows:

Kavya- All the team members have to jointly make the storyboard.
In  this  round  a  product  will  be  given  to  all the  teams  and  the y  will  be  provided  paper
and pencils then they have to prepare a storyboard
The time limit for each team to make it is 20 minutes. No extra time is available.
Any query??? You can ask.
Both- Let us welcome our honorable judge for this round Prof. Anil Kumar.

Kapil-  To  introduce  him  briefly,  he  has  done  PGDM  from  IIM  Ahamedabad,  B.  Tech  from  IIT
Kharagpur).  He  has  3  decades  of  corporate  experience  having  worked  in  top  organizations
ranging from manufacturing to software and IT and IT enabled services.
(Stationary will be provided to the teams in between)

Kavya- The product for which you have to make story board is
(Show the product)

Kapil- Your countdown begins now and you have 20 minutes from now.

Time Up!!

Kapil-  Friends,  now  please stop  drawing  and  writing on  paper.  For those  who  qualify  through
the  second  round,  third  round  will  be   held  tomorrow  on  the  main  stage.  Very  soon  your
composite results will be announced but in the mean while, let’s see what’s there for you
(Play the entertainment video)

With regards-
Lalit Kothari-

Sent by- Kapil Mahajan

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