Tips to plan your college fest

Tips to plan your college fest

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College fest is one event students eagerly await. Apart from being on stage, showcasing talents and having fun, there is a lot that goes on behind the screen. From managing the crowd to organising events, college fests demand a whole lot of planning.

  • Decoration

    Decoration is of prime importance in any college fest. The stage should be set well, depending on the theme. Lighting can spice up the atmosphere and is very crucial. However, do not over do the lighting. Ensure the sound systems are in place.
  • Sponsors

    Pen down a list of expenses and frame a budget. With this in mind, try and get sponsors so that the funding can be eased out. A well-written sponsorship proposal can do the trick. Sponsors can be in the form of cash or kind.
  • Chief guests

    Once the sponsors are in place, decide the chief guests or judges for the events. Make sure you are in constant touch with them. Two days prior, meet the guests in person and invite them. Get all the credentials right before introduction.
  • Managing the crowd

    Any college fest is bound to have a lot of hooting and whistling. However, in order to control this, assigning volunteers to manage the crowd, both inside and outside the auditorium is mandatory. You could also take help from teachers.
  • Food counters

    Food counters must be distanced from the place where the events are organized. This can minimize chaos and confusion. Proper disposal of waste, regular cleaning of the premises and having enough trash bins is also important.

Planning Ladies Sangeet

Planning Ladies Sangeet

You would at least need 20 days to plan and prepare the complete show… assuming the venue and invitation cards have been finalized and the food/catering has also been taken care of. The preparations for the show include:
List the people available to dance for the show 
Make a list of all the people who you think will participate. Some people are but hesitant to dance and might need extra convinving. To make it more interesting encourage all family members to participate.

Choosing the right song for everyone
This is a very important part that needs to be given due consideration. You must make the song selection with utmost care… one aspect is that the song chosen should go well with the person going to dance for the song, another is that the song selection should not be monotonous. To make the show lively enough to grab the attention of the guests during entire time, there must be a variety in the songs. It can be a mix of slow songs and some peppy numbers, songs describing the excitement of the bride and groom and may be some emotional songs where the bride and her mother experience the pangs of separation from each other, some folk songs dedicated to marriage and bride and some love songs. To give more life to the show, don’t forget to add some top hindi dance numbers. The song chosen for the Bride and Groom should not preferably be a fast number. It should have a special meaning for the happy couple and should convey to the guests the unique bond they share.
Other ideas to make the show more variable and exciting are, a medley of songs rather than someone dancing on one full song, a dance parody that can also be based on a theme, a dandiya dance, a “diya” dance (carrying battery operated candles), a song sung by some ladies in the family (this can also include some teasing either for all couples in your family or for your “samdhi”) or may be a small skit.
The show should be a mix of solo dance performances, kids dance, couple dances, ladies group dance, girls and boys group dances, couple dances, and may be one performance where the entire family comes on the stage.

Dance choreography and practice sessions
If you have the talent, choreograph the dances on your own, else either take lessons or use an instructional video. If you have trouble finding a teacher that you like, or if time and money are considerations, you may want to try learning to dance from an instructional videotape. Make sure that all the dances have been choreographed and taught to the people at least 2 days prior to the show. Since everyone would get time to practice their full performance during these two days, it would give them more confidence while performing on the final day.
Each person has his or her own way to dance… you should therefore keep this in mind while doing the song selection and while choreographing. The dance steps must go with the dance and with the dancer.
More attention is required while choreographing the dance for the bride and groom. You can try to put some special effects for their dance… “dulhan” entering the stage in a “doli”, etc.

Decide on the right outfit for each song
Selection of right costumes for each performance would add more perfection to your show. More critical are the group dances where the dresses should not only go with the dance and the song but its also required to have some kind of similarity between everyone dancing on the song… like all pastel colours or all bright colours, everyone wearing sari in a similar style but a special one different than the ordinanry style.

Plan the sequence for all the dance numbers
Just be careful that no two similar dances are placed together. The sequence must be such that the show is a mix of slow and fast numbers and solo and group performances. The limelight for the day, the dance of the Bride and the Groom should be placed more towards the end of the show. The show should end with something like a “Grand Finale” where the whole family comes together.

Anchor and anchoring script
To add some more charm to the celebration, you can have an anchor person who would entertain your guests and tell them about the show. You can either hire a professional or it can be someone among your family and friends, of course in the latter case you need to prepare the anchoring script by yourself.
If you hire an anchor, he must know the sequence of songs and who are the people dancing on them, in order to prepare the anchoring script

Sangeet decos are done in best possible unique ways to cherish the ceremony. Sangeet decos could be of various types. They may be wedding themes based or on personal taste and budget. Traditional decortion could be made for sangeet celebration. Saneet decos also could  be made ethnic by using colours like red, orange, bandhni, maroon or purple drapes with some golden glittering colors. This concept could be carried for decorating the entire area. Flowers like rose, marigold, orchid, gerberas could give a special touch to the sangeet decorations. A traditional theme like long beautiful drapes in rich embroidery and mirror work could give a special touch to the sangeet celebration. However, in order to give it a western look, netted drapes and silver color in place of golden can be used. One can also use flowers like baby roses, orchid, lily or carnations for western Sangeet decorations. These days people sometimes prefer to decorate with heart shaped balloons and nets, which goes with the love based theme.

Music system and lighting effects, DJ
Since the sangeet ceremony involves a lot of fun, frolic and dancing, you must be careful while choosing the music system. A lousy music system would be a mistake that will not be pardoned by anyone. Some lighting effects on the dance platform enhances the grace of the dance performances. After all the planned dances and songs, it is good fun to leave the floor open for everyone to do some free dancing and celebrate the success of the event. This is when the DJ comes into picture. Also those who could not prepare their dance performance for the show, now get a chance to dance. A perfect DJ can be a great entertainment for those dancing and for those watching. This would give a spectacular end to the ceremony.

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